Therapeutic Benefits Without The High: Using Hemp Buds

23 May 2019
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Chances are that you've heard a lot about the benefits of cannabis lately. More and more, people are beginning to notice and embrace the benefits of this plant. However, if you have no desire to feel high, you may have shrugged off the trend as being "not for you." But did you know there is a way to enjoy the medical benefits of cannabis without getting high? That's exactly what hemp buds, otherwise known as hemp flowers, can do for you. Read More 

UTIs And Aging: Information To Help Senior Women Protect Their Health

31 March 2019
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Urinary tract infections can be a problem, no matter your age or sex. But the problem is particularly troublesome for senior women. In addition to the fever and fatigue associated with any infection in the body, a UTI can also cause women to experience increased urgency to urinate, changes in urine output, feelings of pressure and discomfort, and mild to severe pain in the back, flank, and abdominal regions. As the condition progresses, it can lead to more serious health issues, including kidney damage or even sepsis, if the bloodstream should become infected due to the UTI. Read More 

Unblock Your Fertility Chi: How Acupuncture Is Performed to Get Things Going

26 February 2019
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Most people can go their entire lives without wanting or needing anything for fertility problems. This is because they do not have fertility problems. Those people who do have an issue with becoming pregnant go to great lengths to become pregnant (or to impregnate), sometimes spending tens of thousands of dollars. There is a less expensive way of treating infertility, and it involves acupuncture. When acupuncture is used to treat a specific problem, the needles go in specific places to unblock the chi that seems to be blocked to that area. Read More 

First-Timer Tips For Visiting A Medical Marijuana Dispensary In Maryland

14 January 2019
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Though recreational cannabis is still illegal in Maryland, medical marijuana is legal with a doctor's prescription and you can purchase it at a local dispensary.  If your doctor suggested you try medical cannabis as a natural health care alternative to a medication that hasn't been effective for you, then you need to take their written prescription to a dispensary. If you've never been to a dispensary before and are apprehensive about going, then these tips will help you feel less intimidated about your upcoming trip: Read More 

Should You Start Taking Shilajit?

7 November 2018
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While the name may sound strange, shilajit is a natural supplement you may want to seriously consider. Full of natural energy, and a unique way to introduce healthier products to your body, shilajit is an alternative medicine you should know about. Shilajit is tar-like and waxy in its appearance, and also a very dark color. Shilajit is sticky, and is found among rocks in the Himalayas, although the substance can be derived from other sources as well. Read More