Confused By All The Diet Powders And Potions On The Market? Just 1 Thing You Need To Start A New Year's Diet

12 January 2016
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With the arrival of the new year and just a few months left before spring arrives, you may be one of the many people who want to finally get in shape this year to have a healthy body that makes you proud to wear summer shorts and swimsuits. However, the various weight-loss powders and potions on the market may lead to you feeling confused about which are best for you or really work at all. When trying to lose weight, the one product you need (aside from a healthy diet filled with veggies and fruits), is a quality protein powder, and here's why. 

If you already think you eat enough protein ... 

If you currently eat a lot of red meat, cheese, peanut butter, and other foods that have protein, but also have a lot of calories, then you will likely need to dramatically reduce the quantities of these foods that you eat if you want to lose weight. While reducing your intake of these foods will cut calories from your diet, it will also dramatically reduce your protein intake. This isn't an excuse to keep eating vast quantities of them, though. You must instead find lower-calorie, healthier sources of protein to include in your diet. 

Quality, low-calorie protein sources include mainly lean chicken, fish, and whey protein powder. Chicken and fish are great to eat for dinner, but they really aren't foods you will want to eat for breakfast, and you may grow tired of eating them every day for lunch and dinner. That is why you need to begin your diet with a whey protein powder on hand and ideally include at least two servings a day of it in your diet. Then, you can have healthy protein at every meal without growing so tired of just one type that you "cheat" on your diet with fatty, high-calorie foods. 

If you don't currently consume much healthy protein ...

If you don't currently eat a lot of protein at all, then whey protein is even more important to include in your weight-loss plan. Increasing your protein intake while losing weight has many benefits, including:

  • It keeps you feeling fuller, longer. A meal of mainly carbohydrates (even healthy ones), is digested by your body very fast, leading to a quick return of your hunger. Protein takes longer to digest, so you don't get hungry soon again after eating. 
  • It helps your muscles repair faster after working out. An important part of a healthy lifestyle is daily exercise, and you can't skimp on protein when exercising even just a couple of times each week. Your body needs protein to repair your muscles efficiently after a workout. 
  • It helps your body keep the muscle it already has, even when you don't exercise. If you have decided to hold off on beginning an exercise plan, then you still need a high protein intake when dieting. If you don't get enough protein intake when your body is losing weight, you will lose muscle along with fat. When consuming a lot of protein, you will keep more healthy muscle while you burn fat. 

The best type of protein powder you can buy is organic grass fed whey protein powder. You don't want to consume a powder that contain soy or that is not organic. Soy is not as bio-available, which means it is not used as efficiently by your body as whey is. If a whey powder is not organic, then that means the cows were likely injected with artificial hormones and unneeded antibiotics, and these harmful hormones and antibiotics are then present in the whey isolated from the milk they produce.