Things You Should Know Before Using Supplements And Natural Vitamins

25 January 2016
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Some supplements can help your body to obtain essential nutrients that you are lacking in your daily diet. It is essential, however, for you to make a practice of eating foods that ensure your body is absorbing proper amounts of nutrients. Always be aware that although supplements cannot replace foods, you can use supplements that a physician recommends you to take.

Laboratory Results Alert You About Vitamin Deficiency

Your laboratory results may indicate that you need calcium and vitamin D to reduce bone loss and keep your bones strong. That's important because proper amounts of those two supplements keep you from developing osteoporosis, which causes fragile and porous bones. Osteoporosis mostly affects postmenopausal women.

Risk Of Side Effects

You run the risk of suffering side effects when you take too many supplements, which makes it very important for you to consult with your primary care physician or a pharmacist before you actually start purchasing supplements and taking them.

Adverse Effects Of Supplements

You can negatively impact your planned surgical procedure if you begin taking supplements before or following a surgical procedure. Supplements can also negatively affect how you react to your dosage of anesthesia in preparation for surgery.

Vitamins Can Affect Blood Thinner Effectiveness

You may already be taking a blood thinner for clotting issues. You should always advise your physician if you plan to take vitamin K, since this vitamin can prevent your blood from clotting at a time when you are about to have a surgical procedure.

Antioxidants Can Lower Effect Of Cancer Chemotherapy Drug

Nowadays, antioxidant supplements are touted as the answer to detoxifying your body of toxic ingredients; however, antioxidant vitamin supplements can interfere with drugs you take for cancer by lowering the effectiveness of your cancer chemotherapy drug.

Supplements Can Speed Up Antidepressant Drug Release

If you are taking an antidepressant drug, the drug has a release timing that takes place inside your body in order for its contents to be effective. Some supplements can create a rapid release that speeds up the breakdown effect of your antidepressant pill, which is dangerous for you.

Do Not Diagnose And Treat Yourself With Supplements

No matter how tempting it is for you to purchase a supplement that is advertised as the answer to your medical problem, do not make the purchase. Instead, discuss the supplement with your physician, who will research it. Although supplements do not require FDA approval, many of them for the most part are helpful for many conditions. What you must do, however, is ensure that your physician gives you approval to use any vitamin or organic supplement you want to use.