3 Tips For New Meditators

10 February 2016
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Meditation can help you find an oasis of calm in a busy, stressful world. It can be a tool of relaxation or of self discovery, depending on the style and the needs of the practitioner. If you are new to meditation, you will have many things to decide, such as if you want a spiritual or religious practice or whether you prefer guided or self-guided meditation. While these decisions are unique to the individual, the following tips can help you out no matter what style of meditation you decide to pursue.

Tip #1: Dress the Part

You don't need special clothing or long robes, unless the meditation discipline you choose requires such items. Instead, choose clothing that is comfortable. Generally, loose clothing that allows you to sit comfortably in position for a long period is better than anything that is tight or constricting. Natural, breathable fabrics are also preferred, since these will keep you cool and comfortable. If you are prone to cold feet, wear warm socks. Avoid anything itchy or that can be irritating, since you don't want to focus on your clothing during meditation.

Tip #2: Arrange for Comfort

There are many different meditation positions, with some being specific to the style of meditation you choose. If you opt for a style that requires crossed legs or the lotus position, you will need both a flat meditation pillow and a raised cylindrical "zafu" pillow. You position your rear on the elevated zafu, and the flat pillow cushions your knees. If you sit on your knees during meditation, a position sometimes referred to as "seiza," you may only need the flat pillow. There are also methods that allow you to use a chair, if sitting on the floor is too difficult. In this case, have a small pillow to place behind you to support your lower back.

Tip #3: Create a Quiet Place

As you meditate more, you will find it is possible to do so almost anywhere. Yet, at first, quiet and calm is helpful. Set aside a corner in your home or office that is only for meditation. Place your pillows or chair here, and set it up so you can't see anything that could add stress, like the computer or the messy living room. Face the wall if need be. You can add a small shelf with flowers, spiritual statues, and a timer, if necessary. Burning incense can also add a scent of calm to the air.

For more information, talk to an instructor that can help you learn to meditate.