Fine-Tuning Your Own Clairvoyant Abilities

5 July 2016
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If you have ever wished you could have one more conversation with a loved one that has passed, honing your focus and intuition can help. Every person is born with the ability to pick-up on energy, and most mediums agree that spirits and angels are, in fact, energy. Through time, age, and lifestyle, many lose their clairvoyant ability but there are ways to fine-tune psychic intuition and telepathy.

Some ways to hone these skills are:

Cut out fluoride. Part of your brain, the right hemisphere, is connected to psychic ability and clairvoyance; this is often referred to as the "third-eye." Over time, plaque can harden and dull this area of the brain, impeding your intuitiveness. Fluoride is reported to contribute to the plaque, so when honing your skills, use non-fluoride hygiene products whenever possible.

Practice meditating. If you are going to listen for messages from loved ones that have passed on to the other side, you should start practicing meditating to hone your ability to concentrate. Close your eyes and focus on your breathing at first, gently pushing thoughts out of your head when they pop up. Start with fifteen minutes a day at first and gradually increase to an hour as it becomes easier for you to focus and concentrate.

Use energy plates. Energy plates are available through many retail venues and these are used to spike psychic ability and improve intuition. These are aluminum plates that are found in a variety of sizes, from small enough to wear as jewelry to large plates used in altars and séances. These plates are altered to be in tune with the basic positive energy of the Universe, creating your very own energy field.  

Some other ways to use energy plates include:

  • Carry a small plate around with you to improve positive energy.
  • Place a larger plate in the refrigerator to make your food last longer.
  • Place an energy plate under the pot of a withered or dying house-plant.
  • Energize your crystals and stones by placing them on your energy plate for at least 12-hours to restore and renew these gems.
  • Place under the spot where your pet sleeps to improve their energy and disposition.
  • Place a small plate in a gallon of water; leave to soak overnight and use to water your houseplants for positive growth.
  • Lay an energy plate on a wound or near an injury to speed healing.

There are many things that you can do to increase your psychic intuition and hone your clairvoyance. Use these suggestions to open up your third eye and be more receptive to the messages and energy that is around you. Visit mediums (such as those from Heaven 2 Earth) to observe other techniques and to potentially hear from those that have passed away.