3 Stepping Stones For A Natural, Healthy Lifestyle

27 January 2017
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Whether getting healthy is a new year's resolution or part of an office or family weight loss challenge, it is essential that you take care of yourself in a holistic manner. This is a world filled with heart disease, stress, diabetes and mental illness, so keeping health at the forefront will ensure a wonderful quality of life. To get started on your holistic health journey, apply these three tips. 

#1: Cut Out Toxic Substances And Stock Up On Essential Oils

 If you are setting out on a holistic health journey, it pays to turn toward natural remedies and building blocks that have stood the test of time and steer clear of harsh chemicals and toxic substances. For instance, removing added sugars and high fructose corn syrup from your diet whenever possible can show you instant results. Many people lose weight from cutting out soda and sugary drinks alone. You would do well to look for natural remedies for health issues as opposed to taking toxic, habit-forming medicines. For example, natural grapefruit essential oil helps with depression, frankincense has anti-inflammatory properties, and eucalyptus deals with respiratory issues. For more information, visit sites like davinawellness.com.

#2: Add Natural Herbs And Supplements

It's not just about what you eat at the dinner table — the way you supplement your body with building blocks dictates a lot about your health. Garlic is an excellent herb to add to your regimen to ward off sickness by building immunity. Fish oil caplets provide omega-3 fatty acids and are helpful in boosting your brain activity, increasing blood flow and healing your heart. Bee pollen is a natural wonder supplement that provides a variety of benefits — including anti-inflammation, increasing testosterone and sex drive, antihistamine and a host of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

#3: Move Your Body And Increase Your Heart Rate

The value of physical fitness cannot be overstated. Many people are depressed because they are both malnourished and under exercised. You need to engage in physical activity no less than five days per week. Choose activities that challenge you, but that you also enjoy. Engaging in yoga is excellent for building strength and flexibility, while also centering yourself and boosting your mental health. Weightlifting, jogging, bicycling, and martial arts are excellent cardiovascular activities that get the blood pumping, strengthen your organs, build coordination and support mental function.

Using these three words of advice as a stepping stone will work wonders for your natural health care needs.