First-Timer Tips For Visiting A Medical Marijuana Dispensary In Maryland

14 January 2019
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Though recreational cannabis is still illegal in Maryland, medical marijuana is legal with a doctor's prescription and you can purchase it at a local dispensary

If your doctor suggested you try medical cannabis as a natural health care alternative to a medication that hasn't been effective for you, then you need to take their written prescription to a dispensary.

If you've never been to a dispensary before and are apprehensive about going, then these tips will help you feel less intimidated about your upcoming trip:

Tip: Realize There is No Reason to be Embarrassed or Feel Uncomfortable

Since marijuana has been illegal until the last few years, it's natural to feel a bit naughty when you first visit a store selling it. However, it is important to note that cannabis is legal for medical use in Maryland and this feeling is misplaced when visiting a legal dispensary.

Before visiting your local dispensary, remind yourself you aren't doing anything wrong and are actually visiting a store with a product that can help you where modern pharmaceuticals have failed.

Tip: Understand the Role of a Budtender

In a dispensary, the budtender serves the same role as a pharmacist does in a traditional pharmacy. When you shop in a medical dispensary, the budtender will lead you through the process.

You should expect the budtender will ask you many questions about your unique needs and what you hope to get out of the cannabis you consume. For example, if you have pain and want to be able to sleep, or if you have anxiety that causes you issues in the middle of the afternoon when you need to stay alert.

Based on your answers to the budtender's questions, they will make recommendations for the best products you can use to treat yourself. Ultimately, the better you communicate your needs with them, the better the budtender's recommendations for you will be.

Tip: Think About How You Want to Consume Cannabis Products

If you have shied away from trying medical marijuana because you don't want to damage your lungs by smoking the flowers, then you will be pleased to learn that both THC and CBD cannabis products are sold as:

  • bath bombs
  • concentrates
  • drinks
  • edibles
  • tinctures
  • vaporizer pens
  • capsules
  • suppositories
  • topical ointments

Finally, when visiting the dispensary, you can speak with the budtender about which if the above options they sell and ask about recommendations to treat your medical condition.