Try CBD Candies When You Don't Want To Smoke CBD Or Place Oil Under Your Tongue

20 October 2020
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If you like to take CBD to help you sleep, reduce your pain, or for any other reason, but you don't like the taste, consider trying CBD candies. These come in different forms, so you have variety and an easier time taking them when strong tastes bother you. Here are some things to know about CBD candy.

You May Prefer Candy Over Smoking Or Oil

You can take CBD in different ways. Smoking is common, but you may not want to irritate your lungs. You could also try sublingual products made with alcohol or oil, but you may not like the way oil tastes and feels in your mouth. Plus, if you avoid alcohol, you probably don't want to take an alcohol tincture.

That leaves you with edible CBD. These come in candy, gum, cookie, and brownie products. You can also bake your own, but you might prefer the convenience, pleasing taste, and precise dosing found in candy.

There Are Several Kinds Of CBD Candy

If you enjoy eating sweets, then you'll probably enjoy them when they're made with CBD too. You might try chocolate bars, gummies, sour worms, lollipops, or hard candies. These products are small enough to carry with you and discreet to use.

Different CBD growers make different kinds of candy edibles, so you may want to shop around until you find something with a dosage you like, and that tastes good enough that you enjoy taking your CDB.

The candies might be a good choice if you deal with nausea or have a poor appetite and can't get other edibles down. Plus, you don't have to eat a whole lot since the candies are small compared to a cookie or brownie that may be too much food to eat before bed or when you're not hungry.

Read The Label On The Product You Buy

Like other forms of CBD, the label usually tells you the amount of CBD in the entire package as well as in an individual candy. In addition, the label lets you know the other ingredients in case you have a special diet. Gummies are often made with gelatin, but you can also find vegan gummies.

CBD candy usually has some form of sweetener in it to make it taste good, so if you have a hard time dealing with the taste of oils or homemade edibles, consider trying premade candies that taste like treats, but have the added benefit of providing the amount of CBD you need for the effects you want.