3 Ways To Consume Kratom To Minimize The Strong Flavor

30 November 2020
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Kratom is an excellent, natural treatment for many conditions. Despite its many benefits, some people find the flavor is strong and can make consumption harder. Fortunately, there are several techniques to make it easier to take your kratom.


One of the easiest ways to consume kratom without the taste is to purchase kratom in capsules or make your own capsules. If you chose to purchase capsules or make your own, try to find the largest capsules you can take. The largest size available in capsules is 000, which may hold up to a gram of kratom. Since many people take around two to five grams of kratom per dose, this will also minimize the amount of capsules you have to take. If you are a regular kratom user, it may be more cost effective to make your own capsules. This way you can make your own blends that are specific to your needs if they are not available in capsules. Another advantage of capsules is the convenience if you need to take kratom away from home.


Another way of consuming kratom is to make a tea. Your tea will be prepared differently depending on whether you purchase leaves or green indo kratom powder. Kratom leaves are ground-up, much like any other loose-leaf tea. You will need a tea strainer or other device to hold the leaves and allow the leaves to steep for several minutes to reach the maximum benefit. Mixing your tea leaves with other teas can also help.

With kratom powder, you can add the powder to a cup and pour in hot water. Depending on the how fine the powder is, you may be able to use warm or even cold water to mix with the powder. Regardless of the type of kratom, you will want to add other products to enhance the flavor. The most basic additive is to use a sweetener. If you are okay with using artificial sweeteners, these dissolve more readily than sugar in any temperature water. Some people also add lemon which can counteract any bitterness.

Food Additive

Adding kratom to food is another way to consume the product, especially if you take kratom around meal time anyway. This requires experimentation because the flavor of kratom may not pair well with all foods. If you happen to drink smoothies or make smoothie bowls, this is an ideal way to incorporate kratom. Since smoothie ingredients go in the blender, this can also mask the texture from less finely-ground kratom. Some people who use protein powder find that kratom powder mixes well in their protein shake. If you use protein shakes, you can easily put the protein and kratom powders in a shaker cup to use at home or take with you.

For many people who are new to kratom, determining the best way to consume the product can make them apprehensive about kratom. Fortunately, there are several ways to consume kratom to meet your needs.