Defining "The Spectrum" In Full-Spectrum CBD Products

28 January 2021
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The word "spectrum" is often used to refer to a range of values. You have the spectrum of colors and the spectrum of sounds. When you see the term "full-spectrum" on a bottle of CBD products, though, it's common to be a little confused. What do those pills or gummies contain a spectrum of, and why is this so important? By the time you reach the end of this article, you'll have a full understanding.

What is the spectrum?

In this case, the spectrum referred to here is the spectrum of cannabinoids. If that term is a little unfamiliar, that's okay. Cannabinoids are just the active compounds found in the hemp plant. CBD is one of these cannabinoids and the one you've probably heard of. But there are other cannabinoids in hemp, too. CBG, CBN, and CBC are three of them. There are others that are less known and less researched.

A CBD product that is labeled "full-spectrum", then, does not contain just CBD. It contains all of the cannabinoids extracted from hemp — the whole range, or spectrum, of them!

Why do some people prefer full-spectrum CBD products?

Many people start off using CBD products, like CBD gummies, because they have heard about the benefits of CBD. However, the other cannabinoids in hemp can be beneficial, too. Here are a few examples of other cannabinoids on the spectrum, along with a brief description of their benefits.

  • CBN is known to have a sedative, relaxing effect.
  • CBC is known for its pain-relieving qualities and may also relieve inflammation.
  • CBG can help relieve inflammation and may have anti-cancer properties.

As you might have already realized, these benefits are similar to those of CBD. So essentially, taking a full-spectrum product with these other cannabinoids in it is likely to give you a stronger effect than taking a product that just contains pure CBD.

What should you look for in a full-spectrum CBD product?

Look for the same things you would look for in any other CBD product. Check to ensure the company shares their lab results so you can be sure of the amounts of CBD and the other cannabinoids contained in the product. Also, make sure the product is fresh and that you'll be able to use all of it by the expiration date. Taking expired CBD gummies is not unsafe, but the gummies may be less potent. Some of the other cannabinoids on the spectrum are pretty volatile, which means they dissipate as the product ages.

The next time you see a full-spectrum CBD product on the shelves, you'll understand what it is — and you might even be inspired to buy it.

Reach out to a local health shop that offers products like full-spectrum CBD gummies to learn more.