Reduce Your Intense Nicotine Withdrawals With IV Treatment

3 March 2021
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If you recently stopped smoking and suffer from intense withdrawal symptoms, you need a way to get through your ordeal now. If you don't take action now, you may return to smoking later. One of the things you can potentially do to ease your withdrawal symptoms is use intravenous (IV) treatment. Learn more about your symptoms and how IV treatment can help below.

Why Are Your Withdrawal Symptoms So Bad?

Nicotine enters your blood system through your lungs. The substance uses your blood to travel to various areas of your body, including the pleasure cells in your brain that control your emotions. The more you smoke, the more chemicals the pleasure cells create. The cells in your brain stop making chemicals once you stop smoking.

People who quit smoking often develop and experience intense withdrawal symptoms. The symptoms can affect various areas of the brain and body. For instance, you may become easily irritated or aggravated during the day, or you may find it difficult to sleep at night.

Although nicotine withdrawal symptoms can ease up over time, they can become worse for some individuals. Individuals who experience lingering or worsening withdrawal symptoms may need intravenous treatment to help them get through their ordeal.

How Can IV Treatment Help You?

Specialists, such as physicians and natural health care professionals, use intravenous treatments made with a special enzyme to clean or detoxify their patients' blood. Detoxification allows a specialist to remove nicotine and other substances directly from the bloodstream, which makes it easier to get through your withdrawal symptoms.

The enzyme used in IV treatment also improves the growth, development, and metabolism of different cells in your body, including the cells in your brain. The enzyme helps the brain's cells regenerate and rebuild themselves after you quit smoking. Some things may occur as your brain cells repair themselves. You may feel happier and more relaxed during the day. You may also rest or sleep better at night. 

IV treatment can take some time to work. However, once nicotine leaves your cells and body, your withdrawal symptoms should lessen or stop altogether. If your symptoms return, you may need to undergo IV treatment in the future. But most people experience good results after their initial treatment. Your results may depend on the severity of your withdrawal symptoms.

If your nicotine withdrawal symptoms continue to plague you, contact a specialist about intravenous treatment today.

For more information, reach out to a clinic that offers NAD+ IV treatment services.